Queen, Brian | 6th Grade Math


Remind- Text the message- @8h4bekk   To the number- 81010


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Weekly agenda: 

Homework- Social Studies Weekly  







Donations appreciated:

Kleenex, hand sanitizer, paper, pencils, and band aids,


Classroom Procedures

My Classroom

Procedures: I expect all students to follow my procedures. This will ensure that every student has an opportunity to learn. Failing to do so could result in silent lunch, after school detention, or office referral.

Come in quietly and sit down.

Get out class materials and begin your warm-up without talking.

Raise your hand if you have a question or comment.

No one is to be out of their seat during instruction or without permission.

Treat others with respect.

What to do when you are finished with your assignments:

Finish homework (Any class)

Read a book

Sit quietly

Laptops are not open unless given permission

Do not disturb others!

You will have a folder that is kept in the classroom. You will put daily work into this folder. Daily assignments and the folder are not to leave the classroom.


Students will have homework- TBA (Social Studies Weekly)
Any work not completed in class or make-up work from an absence is considered homework.

The grading scale is as follows: A-F

Test- 40%
Classwork- 30%
Quiz- 15%
Homework- 15%


If you are absent for any reason it is your responsibility to ask for and complete assignments upon return. If you miss a test, you will take it the day after you return. (Extended absence- will determine when student returns)


Parents: My website will be a valuable resource for you this year. You will find my email address, this year’s supply list, and any announcements regarding my class on this site.Test dates and homework will be posted on this page. I post the test date a week prior to the test in most cases. I will also send a message using Remind.

Laptop guidelines:

Students are not allowed to:

1. Listen to music.

2. Play games during class without permission. It does not matter what website or game.

3. Play with an application during class. Example: the camera or I- Movie.

4. Search the Internet for any reason other than for an assignment or teacher’s permission.

5. Play around in general with the computer. Example: changing your

6. School computer guidelines also apply.


Test and Quiz

Test dates are posted on my webpage at least a week before it is given. On the day it is posted students will receive a studyguide. The mid point quiz will be the day after the study guide is given.

World Geography games click here

Click here for  World Geography Kahoot.

Click here for The Israelites Kahoot

Click here for The Israelites Quizizz

Click here to study Mesopotamia.

Click here to play Mesopotamia Kahoot.

Click here for Egypt Kahoot.

Click here for Greece Kahoot

Click here for Rome Kahoot

Click here for Early China Kahoot

Class Resources


Welcome to the the 6th grade. My name is Mr. Queen. This is my 13th year teaching social studies but my eleventh year at the school. I am married and have a daughter and son. I enjoy teaching, and I love social studies. I hope by the end of the year you will understand its importance. I will share more about myself as the year progresses.