Weidenhamer, Bridget | 1st Grade Teacher

Welcome to 1st Grade!

Hello! I am Ms. Weidenhamer and am so excited to meet you all and cannot wait to have a wonderful year with your & your child. I attended Belmont Abbey College and earned a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. After graduation, I taught 2nd grade at a Catholic Private School in Bronxville, New York. After teaching back home in New York for a year I decided to move back to North Carolina. This will be my third year teaching at Piedmont Community Charter School and my fourth year being a teacher.  I am so excited for this school year and getting to know each of you!

What your First Grader Needs to Know

Core Knowledge is an enrichment curriculum that we teach here at PCCS. To better help your child learn the material this year, I would suggest buying a book called “What you First Grader Needs to Know” by E.D. Hirsch Jr. This books covers about 90% of the material your child will learn this year. It will be a great tool to use when your child is out and misses a lesson or needs extra help before a test.  The book will also give you background knowledge on what your child will be learning this year.

Grading Scale

In first grade, we enter grades in Powerschool. You are able to see your student’s grade via the parent portal. To get setup with the parent portal, you will have to visit Connie Ravan in admissions. Please bring your license with you at that time.



Your child will be receiving grades using a 10 point scale.



English Language Arts will be based on the following:

tests will be 80% of their grade
spelling will be 10%
homework will be 10%


First Grade Core Knowledge Units

Fables and Stories
The Human Body
Different Lands, Similar Stories
Early World Civilizations – Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Three World Religions
Early American Civilizations – Maya, Aztec, Inca
The History of Our Earth
Fairy Tales
The Birth of Our Nation
Frontier Explorers