Stroup, Claudia | 5th Grade Math Teacher

Fifth Grade Supply List 2019-2020 BINDER SET UP ★ Binder Supplies: Binders should be set up at home for use on the 1st day of school with the following supplies: 1. 2-inch three ring heavy duty binder 2. Labeled dividers (Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies) 3. Notebook paper set up between each divider tab ( Use only 1 pack of paper please) 4. 3-ring pencil pouch with 4 sharpened pencils, 1 pair of scissors, cap erasers, pack of colored pencils, 1 glue stick, and 2 red ink pens. GENERAL SUPPLIES FOR CLASSROOM COMMUNITY USE ✦ 1 pack sheet protectors for binder (10 protector sheets) ✦ 4 large packs of sharpened pencils ✦ 2 packs of cap erasers ✦ 4 spiral bound SINGLE subject notebooks ✦ 3 packs of dry erase markers (Expo) ✦ 2 canisters of disinfectant wipes~NOT baby wipes ( May request more later) ✦ 2 rolls of paper towels (May request more later) ✦ 2 boxes of tissues ✦ 1 pack of glue sticks ✦ 1 box of bandaids ✦ 1 box of quart size ziploc bags ✦ $1.25 for Friday folders (due on the first day of school) ✦ 2 sets of earbuds or headphones REQUIRED for computer use




I have been a teacher for many years.  I enjoy the daily challenge of creating and designing lessons that motivate students to learn.  I like to provide an environment where students feel comfortable and can enjoy their daily tasks for learning.  I want each day to be successful for all of us.  It is a team experience.