White, John | Guitar Teacher


We have 20 guitars for use in the classroom.  You don’t have to have a guitar to take this class.  Guitar 1 is physically learning basic cords and getting comfortable with guitar techniques.  They are required to practice a minimum of 30 minutes each night.

In guitar 2 & 3 there is more emphasis on technique and finger style.  They learn theory and numerous pieces.

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John White has been playing guitar for 36 years and has taught guitar for the past 23, with 10 of those being at PCCS. After teaching students all day, he still wants to go home to continue working on his own music. He has never lost the passion that he gained as a thirteen year old to get better and better because there is always something to learn. Piedmont is fortunate to have teachers aligned with their passions.  John White inspires awe of music in his students with a contagious love of guitar.