Barber, Karan | High School Science Teacher


This is to be an exciting and unprecedented year in High School Science. I look forward to meeting each of you in Earth/Environmental Science or the Chemistry course. Please find our class resources and tools in our Google Classroom.

In our Earth/Environmental Science class our topics of study include Astronomy, the Lithosphere, Hydrology, Meteorology, and Environmental Studies.

For the Chemistry course we will study: atomic structure, bonding, physical and chemical properties and changes, the Periodic Table, the relationship between pressure, temperature, volume and phase, analysis of chemical reactions, rate of reaction, chemical equilibrium, and solutions.

Prepare to embark on an adventure in inquiry!

My background is very diverse as I am a science geek and lifelong learner. Graduating from Queens University of Charlotte as a grandmother in December 2013, I hold a Bachelors degree in Environmental Studies with a minor in Elementary Education. My graduate studies are in Biological Sciences from Miami University in the Project Dragonfly Program which included global field work in global conservation hotpots). My teaching certifications include: Secondary Science, North Carolina Environmental Educator, and a Southern Appalachian Naturalist from the University of Tennessee (my home state). 


Karan Barber