Sanders, Lauren | 3rd Grade Teacher


Things you should know about Miss Sanders (Written by my 3rd graders) – “She has been teaching for 10 years.” – “She has been teaching for longer than I’ve been alive.” – “She is very funny.” – “Miss Sanders does not like to be cold.” – “She is hardworking, kind, and helpful.” – “Her favorite team is Clemson.” – “Miss Sanders teaches us lots so we can be ready for 4th grade.” – “She always has her hair in a bun.” – “She keeps us safe.” – “Miss Sanders is nice, and she is good at teaching.” – “She likes Christmas and peppermint spray.” – “She loves Disney.” – “Miss Sanders likes cupcakes, but not frosting.”

Runners is a testing strategy that we teach our kids in 3rd grade. They should use these strategies for any language arts reading passages with questions at home.

Read the title
Underline key words in the questions
Number the paragraphs **Even one sentence can count as a paragraph**
Now read the story
Eliminate wrong answers
Reread to check
Select the BEST answer

They also should mark evidence in the text to prove their answers!

Here is the anchor chart we made in class!

Runners Chart