Elementary Campus Announcements

Elementary Campus Announcements

October Respect Announcements

Week of October 19, 2020




This month we have been learning about respect.  We’ve talked about the way in which we directly speak or respond to others can either show respect or not.  We haven’t discussed using silence as a way to show respect.  


There’s an entire movement called “practice the pause”.  Practice the pause means to stop and think before you speak or respond to others.  Oftentimes we get so caught up in what WE want to say or in our own opinions that we forget to be good, or sympathetic, listeners.  People share views with each other but we can show respect to them just by pausing and listening to their thoughts, feelings, and opinions as well.


A published author once said, “One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say.” (B. McGill, 2015).  Let’s show respect for others by training ourselves to practice the pause a little more often. 



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Week of October 12, 2020




Good morning. My name is Gracie & I am one of Ms. Z’s Busy Bees for good character to tell you a little more about our new trait, Respect.  


Albert Einstein once said, “I speak to everyone in the same way, whether he is the garbage man or the president of the university.”  He reminds us that ALL people should be respected.  A person’s social status, their job, their age or gender, the amount of money they have, where they live, or how they live do not determine a person’s worth.  A person is worthy because they are here on Earth and are human beings just like you or I.  Each one of us are brought into the world for a purpose. 


In the words of Dr. Seuss, “A person’s a person no matter how small.” 




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Week of October 5, 2020




This is your school counselor Ms. Z with a fabulous fall announcement.  This month’s character trait is respect.  A person who shows respect is someone who treats others the way you would want to be treated. A respectful person is considerate and honors the feelings, opinions, and property of others.  Self-respect is taking good care of your mind and body as well as believing that you are worthy of being treated well.


So, in what ways can we treat people with respect?  


You can show respect everyday by doing things like:


Practice the Golden Rule of treating others the way you want to be treated.

Use good manners and say things like “please”, “thank you”, and “excuse me”.

Make a point of not teasing others and encourage your friends to do the same.

Practice random acts of kindness.

Be patient with yourself and others when a mistake is made.

Practice good table manners.

Make an effort to not participate in gossip.

Be courteous towards everyone, regardless of their status.

Take care of yourself by practicing good hygiene, surrounding yourself with positive influences, and do things that make you happy and fulfilled. 


Let’s work hard this month on some of these examples and make it a goal to intentionally practice at least one all month.  Researches say it takes 21 days to form a habit–let’s make practicing respectful kindness become habitual for all of us!



September 6, 2020

Good evening, Patriot families.  This is Mrs. White with your Sunday night information.  The week ahead will certainly bring changes and new obstacles for all of us to hurdle and the number one thing we all need is patience-especially those of us at school.  We are attempting to do something this week that has never been done before with teaching students in person and students at home which is also called synchronous learning.  Please know that the new schedule that was sent to you by your child’s teacher is because we now have to accommodate for drop off, hand washing, sanitizing the rooms, and longer bathroom breaks.  


If your teacher has sent you specific log in times, please know the teachers will try their best to be live at that exact time but if they are running behind, it could be because they are doing one of the things listed above- but they will be online shortly.  


If your child is coming on Tuesday, please make sure to label all of their items- lunch box, sweater or jacket, computer bag if they have one, and even the baggies that you place the extra masks in.  Personally, I use three masks each day so several masks could be helpful for your child.  


Drop off begins at 7:30am but due to the temperature checks and symptom screening- everyone MUST stay in their vehicle and there are no exceptions.

Our dismissal is at 2:30pm.   This year, all students will remain in their classrooms to be called outside for pickup.  This could be quicker than usual or it could take longer than usual.  Afternoon dismissal always takes longer than normal the first few weeks of school but with a reduced amount of students in the building our hope is that it goes quickly.  Please refer to the traffic pattern in the parent student handbook for a visual of how it works.  


I hope you all have a restful and safe Labor Day and I look forward to next week seeing students in person or seeing them on Zoom!  

August 28, 2020


Good evening, Patriot families.  This is Mrs. White with your Sunday night message.  I hope everyone had a wonderful first week of school!  It sure looks different but it has been heartwarming to see your children as I popped in and out of classrooms to see them on Zoom and can’t wait for the day that they can all be back in our building together in the future.


This week we have been alerted to a few challenges.  We understand some of the time constraints students have at home and day cares but please make sure your child is signed up and signed in for all of their classes.  That includes art, PE, STEM, library, and music.   They see every student in the building so it is important to be logging in to their SeeSaw or Google Classroom as well as their Zooms.


Some teachers have noticed that when they log into Zoom, the name that is displayed is actually the Zoom password.  Take a look at their log in screen.  On the Chromebook it asks for the meeting ID, then the students NAME-they enter their name to be displayed and go to the next screen to enter the password.  It is especially important to follow those directions while the teachers are learning their students’ names.  


I hope you have a great evening and we look forward to Zooming with you again this week!


August 23, 2020

Good evening, Patriot families.  This is Mrs. White with your Sunday night message.  Today is the last official day of summer vacation for all of our Piedmont students as the first day of school starts tomorrow, Monday August 24th.  Even though students won’t be at school in person to start, our entire staff is just as excited to have our remote learning days begin.  Educating students and building relationships with them is why we do what we do and we will do that in person or afar.  


I have a few items I would like to share with you.  Attendance:  teachers have shared schedules with you and codes galore that will assist making your child’s day run as smoothly as possible.  This new school year will look differently than it did in the spring.  Keep in mind the spring was Emergency Remote Learning and this school year is back to being as normal as we can within our daily schedule. 


There will be live zooms all day long for your child to join in on- not just one in the morning.  We are giving grades this year as we normally do, not just standard based feedback like we did in the spring.  If a teacher assigns class work or independent practice, it will be counted for their grades.  Please refer to the teacher’s information they shared with you on how grades will be calculated.  


We look forward to Zooming with everyone tomorrow!  Don’t forget your child’s first assignment is due before 8:30am tomorrow and their teacher can’t wait to get it!  Have a great evening!  



August 16, 2020

Good evening, Patriot families.  This is Mrs. White with your Sunday night message. 

Our full staff returned last Thursday and have worked non-stop to update you with information, create and share their virtual orientation with you and to get ready for distribution this week.  If you haven’t received an email to fill out forms, please check your spam folder-we found out that some of them have been delivered there.  

Last week you should have received two different digital forms.  The first one is to replace the student information card, also known as the yellow card.   You also received a form from Casey Reese, our technology facilitator.  If you haven’t filled out the form prior to your arrival to pick up your child’s materials on distribution day, you will not be able to take the Chromebook with you.  Please make sure you fill them out and ensure that you hit submit.  It is important to note that you must complete each of those forms for each child you have on the elementary campus.  Do not put all students in one form.

Distribution days are as follows:  Tuesday from 9-2 is for kindergarten and first grade, Wednesday is for 2nd and 3rd grade from 9-2 and Thursday is 4th grade from 9-12.  Please watch the elementary orientation video for specifics.  You can find this link in an email from the teacher or by visiting our webpage, www.pccharter.org.

By the end of the day today there will be three videos- one is the original, there is another one with captions for those who are hard of hearing, and the third one will have Spanish subtitles.  

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we try to make the start of the school year as seamless as we possibly can during this time.  Don’t forget, there is an onboarding day Friday at 10am to do a trial run with your child’s teacher and the first day of school is Monday, August 24th.  I know the teachers can’t wait to virtually see your child’s faces!  

August 9, 2020

Good evening Patriot families! This is Mrs. White with your first Sunday night message of the 2020-2021 school year.

I know this is not the start of the year we all hoped for but we are all hard at work to make it the best we can.  If you haven’t read the reopening plan, please visit our website:  www.pccharter.org for more information.  You can also find the list of supplies for students there. 

The first two weeks of school will be remote for every student -your child’s teacher will be reaching out to you towards the end of the week with more information regarding expectations and schedules.    

We are scheduling a deployment of devices and learning material for all students in grades K-4.  That means each student will receive a Chromebook (with no fee this year) and anything else they need to start the year out successfully.   Those days are:  Kindergarten and first grade Tuesday, August 18th, 2nd and 3rd grade Wednesday August 19th and 4th grade Thursday, August 20th.  More details will follow.

Please keep in mind that no changes can be made at this time to anyone’s request about being in person, not flexible-however you can request remote learning at any time.  If you don’t remember what you chose, your child’s teacher will be including that in their communication at the end of the week.

This year, orientation is going to look very different.  Instead of families coming on campus, we will have it virtually.  Kayla Woods, our assistant director and I will do our administrative video and the teachers will have one for you about their classroom coming soon.  We will also have our normal forms in a digital format for you to complete.  It is important to make sure that the school has your email on file and hopefully they are all updated.  If not and you have access to the Powerschool parent portal- please log in and update it there.  If you don’t please contact the registrar to ensure the information is up to date.   

Please remember that the first day of school will be August 24th.  Have a great evening and keep an eye out for more information!