Senior Spotlight: Joshua Ledford

Piedmont senior, Joshua Ledford, is only sixteen but will complete his entire two-year associates in his College Transfer pathway through the Career and College Promise program at Gaston College this summer.  This will save his family paying for two years of college, as he will enter college as a junior.  Additionally, he will complete a Business Administration certificate from Gaston College in May.  When asked what inspired him to have the perseverance to follow through with completing his associates in high school, he smiles and says, “My mom.”  Joshua has been an honor roll student his entire life and hopes to pursue a bachelor degree in Business at a four year university.

Joshua loves athletics and being apart of Piedmont’s basketball and golf teams.  In high school, this earned him a physical education award.    He said, “The brotherhood of working towards a goal with your team is worth all the work. Things usually turn out better when you work as a team.”

Joshua is on the Quiz Bowl team for Piedmont, which he says is a cross between Jeopardy and Family Feud.  His advice for freshmen is “push yourself and step out of your comfort zone because you are only in high school once.  Ms. Morris, Piedmont’s Online Facilitator, is my favorite staff member, because she pushes you when you need it but also trusts you to work independently. Taking college classes in her room feels like college plus some extra inspiration to stay on track.”  Joshua is the portrait of a Piedmont graduate.